NDC Porto

Date 14-10-2024 t/m 18-10-2024
Time All day event
Theme Software development
  • Alfândega Porto Congress Centre
  • R. Nova da Alfândega
  • 4050-430 Porto (Portugal)
Speaker Sander Molenkamp Edwin van Wijk
Description The conference

NDC Porto 2024 will be an in-person event, held 14-18 October 2024 at the Alfandega conference centre in Porto. It's a five-day event comprised of 2-days deep-dive workshops, followed by 3 conference days with multiple simultaneous tracks.

The conference will cover topics such as:
.NET - AI - Architecture - Big Data - Cloud - Continuous Delivery - Cross-Platform - Database - Design - DevOps - Docker - Ethics - Fun - Functional Programming - JavaScript - Languages - Machine Learning - Microservices - Microsoft - Mobile - People - Security - Serverless - Soft Skills - Testing - Tools - UX - Web and more


Sander Molenkamp will talk about 'From Role-based to Relationship-based: Transforming Authorization with OpenFGA'.

As application complexity increases, the critical need for finely-tuned authorization solutions becomes increasingly evident. This talk introduces OpenFGA, a CNCF open-source high performance and flexible system for relationship-based authorization.

In this session, we will contrast OpenFGA with other authorization methods, such as role-based and policy-based approaches, to underscore the unique value proposition it offers. Through practical demonstrations, we will spotlight how OpenFGA seamlessly integrates with C# to empower developers with the ability to implement granular authorization controls within their .NET applications.

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of OpenFGA's role in providing a robust solution for fine-grained authorization, giving them the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance the security posture of their applications effectively.

Edwin van Wijk will talk about 'How to get a grip on your microservices system using a service-mesh'.

Many organizations are now building microservices based systems. But with the adoption of this architecture-style, the need arises for a good way to manage and monitor all the services and their traffic. To handle this, you can leverage what is called a service-mesh.

In this session attendees will learn what a service-mesh is and how to implement one for a microservices based system using Kubernetes and Istio. Topics covered are: intelligent traffic-routing, canary releasing, testing resiliency using chaos-engineering and monitoring using several available telemetry dashboards.

Edwin van Wijk and Sander Molenkamp will run their workshop - in two parts - 'Dapr: build microservice applications the easy way'.

Dapr is an open source, event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices. It provides powerful building blocks to make it easy for developers to build resilient microservice applications using a variety of languages and frameworks.

In this session you will get an introduction of Dapr and the Dapr building blocks. After that, you will learn how to apply Dapr yourself in a sample application during the hands-on part of the workshop.

The workshop features step-by-step instructions so you can work on this at your own pace. During the workshop you will get hands-on experience with the following Dapr building blocks: service invocation, state management, pub/sub, bindings and secret management.
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