Oracle Code One

Date 16-09-2019 t/m 19-09-2019
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Moscone Center
  • Howard Street 747
  • CA 94103 San Francisco, CA (USA)
Speaker Maarten Mulders
Description Discover the Latest on Java—from the Source:
Learn where Java will go next in our technical keynote. Further the open source conversation with topics on Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit, Project Fn, and OpenJFX.

Be a Part of Technologies That Are Changing Everything:
See how you can shape the future and break new ground. Experience deep-dive into sessions and hands-on labs on leading-edge technology such as blockchain, chatbots, microservices, and AI.

Connect with Your Global Community in the Groundbreakers Hub:
Experience cloud development technology in the Groundbreakers Hub, featuring workshops and other live, interactive experiences and demos.

One of the speakers will be Maarten Mulders with his session "Building a DSL with GraalVM": Thursday September 19, 9.00 AM.

GraalVM is a virtual machine that can run many languages on top of the Java Virtual Machine. It comes with support for JavaScript, Ruby, Python… But what if you're building a DSL, or your language is not listed? Fear not!

In this session we'll discover what it takes to run another language in GraalVM. Using GraalVM, we don't only get a fast runtime, but we'll also get great tool support. With Brainfuck as an example, we'll see how we can run guest languages inside Java applications. It might not bring us profit, but at least it will bring some fun.
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