Oracle Groundbreaker APAC Virtual Tour

Date 19-10-2020
Time 09:00 - 10:00
Theme Java
  • Online
Speaker Maarten Mulders
Description 2 weeks of exciting speeches, round tables and workshops. This year our annual APAC Groundbreakers tour is going virtual. With the participation of many Oracle User Groups and Java Communities in the region, this year's event is promising to be the biggest event ever done within the APACOUC Community.

On Monday October 19th, Maarten Mulders will present: "Building a DSL with GraalVM". Have you booked your place yet?

About this talk

GraalVM is a virtual machine that can run many languages on top of the Java Virtual Machine. It comes with support for JavaScript, Ruby, Python… And you can even run your own language!

In this session we'll discover what it takes to run another language in GraalVM. Using GraalVM, we don't only get a fast runtime, but we'll also get great tool support. With Brainfuck as an example, we'll see how we can run guest languages inside Java applications. It might not bring us profit, but at least it will bring some fun.

More info the APAC Groundbreakers tour website