Techorama Netherlands

Date 08-10-2024 t/m 09-10-2024
Time All day event
  • Kinepolis Jaarbeurs
  • Jaarbeursboulevard 300
  • 3521 BC Utrecht
Speaker Michaël Hompus Jarne Van Aerde
Description Techorama 2024, the Fun Fair Edition.

Marking its 5th anniversary in the Netherlands, this event from October 7 to 9, 2024, invites you to a three-day exploration of the latest trends and innovations in a setting that blends the serious with the lighthearted. Join us for insightful talks, hands-on workshops, and a decade-long celebration of knowledge-sharing at Techorama 2024.

We are extremely honored and proud to announce that Info Support is the first to sign the Ultimate partnership for 2024! Info Support has been a partner from day one and it is now for the fifth consecutive year they will support Techorama's efforts to bring you the best developer event in the Netherlands.


Michaël Hompus will speak about 'A Season for Speed: Turning Puzzles into C# Performance Wins'.

Welcome to a world where coding puzzles lead to fast C# skills! In his talk, Michaël will take you through an amazing journey, inspired by Advent of Code. We'll look at how these daily brain teasers helped me make C# code run quicker. You'll learn simple tricks and methods that make a big difference in speed. This session is perfect for anyone interested in C#, from beginners to those who already code.

Join Michaël to see how fun puzzles can transform your C# coding speed!

Jarne Van Aerde will speak about 'Making the web more accessible for everyone'.

In today's digital age, web accessibility is not just something nice to have, it is a must to create an inclusive online experience for all users. During this session, Jarne will talk about the different aspects of accessibility and delve deeper into the Microsoft Inclusive Design Standards. You will see how to make your web projects more accessible and user-friendly. In addition, he will provide you with the knowledge and tools to effectively test your accessibility features so that your websites are usable by everyone.
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