Date 12-05-2022
Time All day event
Theme Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • DeFabrique
  • Utrecht
Speaker Willem Meints Joop Snijder
Description 'The biggest multitrack Developer Conference of the Netherlands.'

The new and improved edition of TEQnation is approaching fast and this year we are going in-person again!

At TEQnation you can broaden your knowledge at our hands-on labs, technical sessions, live demonstrations and workshops,
which are all focused on technology of the next era.

TEQnation 2022 will bring more than 700 developers and the best speakers from all over the world.
Featured topics:

AI & ML, IoT & Embedded, Developer Experience, Modern Infrastructure, Security and New & Cool.
Share your passion with like-minded people, improve your skills and have fun in an easy-going atmosphere at TEQnation.

Everything is complicated if no one explains it to you: how to explain machine learning models?

On May 12th at 16:45 - 17:30 CEST, Joop Snijder and Willem Meints will talk about Machine Learning.

A Machine Learning model is only complete if you can explain the outcome. But how do you do that? And to whom do you explain?

In the first part of the session, you will learn why Explainable AI is important from a business perspective and why you need to know this as a Developer or Data Scientist. We’ll show you a real-life case of how a client used Explainable AI in their business.

In the second part of this session, you’ll learn how, as a Developer or Data Scientist, you can explain machine learning models in practice. We’ll dive in-depth into tooling, which can be used to explain machine learning models.
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