The Next Web (TNW) 2024

Date 20-06-2024 t/m 21-06-2024
Time 10:00 - 18:00
  • Taets Art and Event Park
  • Hembrugterrein, Middenweg 62
  • 1505 RK Zaandam
Speaker Jurre Brandsen Elise Lems
Description The next web is now.

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Jurre Brandsen and Elise Lems will talk about 'GenAI from the trenches: from legacy to a modern development stack'.

Generative AI changes how we build software. Many of you use Github Copilot or other AI coding assistants daily or have tried one. Although these coding assistants are powerful, you can do so much more with GPT-4 to improve your software development game.

We combined Generative AI with software engineering best practices to translate a complete legacy codebase built in a low-code solution into a modern approach with Vue and Typescript. This allowed us to translate the codebase with 85% less effort than translating the code by hand. We took away the tedious work by automating it with AI while allowing engineers to review and improve the overall structure of the solution.

In this talk, you’ll learn how we use generative AI to translate complete code bases. Jurre and Elise will also show how generative AI can be a powerful asset for developers instead of a technology that replaces human creativity.
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