Update Conference Prague

Date 23-11-2023 t/m 24-11-2023
Time All day event
Theme .NET
  • Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
  • Freyova 33
  • 190 00 Praha 9 - Vysocany Prague, Czech Republic
Speaker Edwin van Wijk
Description .NET developer conference in the heart of Europe

Update Conference Prague is the biggest .NET developer conference in the Czech Republic. The conference features three parallel tracks and more than 40 technical sessions led by top experts from Europe, USA and other countries.

Come to the event and experience two amazing days full of interesting sessions and opportunities to network with speakers and other attendees. You can choose between personal participation at the conference venue or online watching the live-stream of all sessions via the Update Now Portal.

Edwin van Wijk will speak about Symphony No. 42 in C#, Op. 1, Conducted by Dapr Workflow

November 24
12.30 - 13.30 h.
Hall C

Dapr Workflow is a Dapr building-block that can be used to orchestrate tasks and create long-running, fault-tolerant, stateful processes. In this session I am going to demo how to use it in a .NET application and give you a glimpse under the hood to show you how it works internally.
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