1. FlexListViewer is really great webpart ! I like it verymuch .
    Could you please offer me the source code ? I want to study
    how to write webparts like Flexlistviewer. I am a college
    student, and I am really interested in Sharepoint developing.
    My mail is : ablimit@gmail.com
    Thank you !


  2. Hi, i installed the flexlistviewer MOSS 2007 / WSS v3. I am using wss3.0. It works great for all sites, except one, and of course this site is the most important one. I checked all setting but doesnt seem that there is something different in this site than the rest. I get the message:Cannot access the view of the list. Are you authorized?
    Details: Non-existing list or view specified. Parameter name: List Url when i try to access any list from this site. Ah! within the site i can access them


  3. Based on my comment above, could it be that the site is large?


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