1. I fully support what you have talked about. i will as always continue to speak up for Java.

    Buls Yusuf

  2. JUG Leader Abdelmonaim Remani has an interesting take on this. Check out his blog post on http://polymathic-coder.com/wordpress/?p=8


  3. Indeed, Abdel has an interesting take on this, but I definitely do not share his viewpoint on the “speaks for itself”-thing. I rather find that a bit naive as Java might be at the eve of being forked if Oracle handles this the wrong way.

    Although he doesn’t mention it in his post, I met Abdel during the week at OpenWorld and attended all the sessions with the Oracle people that he talks about in his blog post as well. Together with fellow NLJUG board member Hans Bossenbroek we were also part of the JUG leaders and Java Champions delegation at OOW.

    But no offense, everybody is entitled to having their own points of view, it only makes the discussion more interesting.



  4. Yes absolutely true that Oracle is good for Java. There is a in built support of Oracle driver in Java. One can do direct connectivity of database easily.

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  5. This thing can happen two ways.

    The first, of which I’m nervous about is, if Oracle is not seen to be actively expanding Java in the foreseeable future (and MySQL for that matter), then it will be forked (same as MySQL, which is a competing database platform to Oracle database). Of course, it can’t be called Java (or MySQL) as Oracle now owns the trademark(s) through Sun. If this happens, forked-Java support and development will initially lag somewhat until it picks up momentum again once the dirt settled.

    The other alternative is that Oracle tries to expand Java- but at a moderate/controlled pace- which can impede the growth of Java and might affect other vendors, developers and the Internet community in general. This, of course, might result in the first alternative being actioned.

    Time will tell.

    But I wouldn’t stop downloading the latest source codes for Java (and MySQL) and have them handy, just in case the need for separation from Oracle (aka forking) come sooner than expected.


  6. Well, I guess we got our answer. Time to move on and say goodbye to Java. We need to put it behind us and move to something truly open source.


  7. I fully agree with you.


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  8. I fully support what you have talked about. i will as always continue to speak up for Java.

    Java & Mysql not exsits..


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