1. After succesfully installing Beta3, I noticed there was no Sql Server Management Studio. So I decided to rerun the sql setup and install the other 3 options (notification, integration and tools). However, halfway through I get this "Insert disk 3" message even though I am using the enterprise edition which is just 1 dvd if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, all CTP’s have been removed from MSDN. Any ideas?


  2. The installation media change was something new to me to. They had a separated disk now that contains the Management studio stuff and books online. If there are no more CTP drops available I don’t think there any options left. You could install VS.NET to get some manageability as for browsing and editing tables using the server explorer. But I don’t see any other way than to get hold of the installation media disk2 to get you up and running again.


  3. Re: your bug – the SQL Server default locations are only set on instance startup, you need to restart your SQL Server default instance after changing the location, prior to installing TFS as per http://blogs.conchango.com/stuartpreston/archive/2005/11/05/2359.aspx

    regards, Stuart.

    Stuart Preston

  4. I also tried to get the management studio up and running just to be nosy and see what was going on under the covers. Luckily I found this blog. I assume all will be fixed with the release ?

    Daryl Barnes

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