1. I just read that http://www.microsoft.com is being served using Windows Server 2008…so logically the webserver role should be in there somewhere 😉


  2. Are they running on Server 2008 or are they running on Server 2008 CORE? If the website depends on .NET framework it CANNOT be Server Core for there the .NET Framework is not supported.
    For those who do not know what Server Core is: it is a server installation without the works: No “windows”, only a command prompt will be available and no roles are installes except for the fileserver role and the bits for being a DC are installed. (For a DC you only have to DCPromo with an unattend file…) for other roles you have to manually add the role to the server. (there are only a limited number of roles available for Server Core. (WSV WILL be a supported role in server core eventually.)


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