1. Since you probably use imaged deploys of the host,

    What you can do (as part of the post sysprep procedure) is create a few keys:
    MinimumMacAddress, MaximumMacAddress, CurrentMacAddress
    in HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionVirtualization
    With some random values. This will change the behavior of the HMC generated values.


    Rolf Huisman

  2. As a work around you can probably create the register keys: MinimumMacAddress, MaximumMacAddress and CurrentMacAddress in the HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionVirtualization
    with random values for each machine.

    Acording to howard, these are the keys HMC uses to create the mac addresses (http://blogs.technet.com/jhoward/archive/2008/07/15/hyper-v-mac-address-allocation-and-apparent-network-issues-mac-collisions-can-cause.aspx) to circomvent this problem.


  3. I know there are workarounds, but they still are workarounds, so I still hope they are going to fix it, At least i registered this as a feature that needs to be changes AFAIK.


  4. What hapens if you create a machine, create a second machine and then delete the first machine (on the same box), without installing a OS on the first machine

    for those that have a regedit fobia (not me).

    Rob Hagman

  5. Hyper-V will not immediately re-Use the MAC, so you can use this as a work around, but you have to keep track of all the machines created on each parent, so the above options are the best workaround for this problem.


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