1. IMHO there are two dimensions missing in your pictures. You could have a great tool but in the hands of a fool it would have to be an awsome tool to protect you from the fool. Two, you might have a great tool but when used at the wrong time or improperly used it might give you a false feeling of greatness. (Forgetting to label your builds in Source Safe or reverse enginering class diagrams and pretending you now have your documentation covered) (No, I am not implying Source Safe is a great tool 😉 ) See: http://www.google.com/search?q=fool+with+a+tool

    Erno de Weerd

  2. Great points Erno! I fully agree with that: you still need to know your craft, no matter how good the tool is (a great hammer does not make a great carpenter), and you need to know the tool to effectively use it. I’ll try to update this in the picture tonight using some advanced imaging tool (paint.net).


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