Creating an VS2010 add-in to show the running user as part of the main IDE window title

*Moved to: Today some of my fellow MVP’s asked the question if there is an option in Visual Studio to show under which user account the IDE is running. the need this feature since they do a lot of … Continue reading

Creating Custom DGML Diagrams using the Progression API

*Moved to: Thursday night I presented a Session for the VSUG in Belgium, with the title “Modeling that works with code”. In this session I demonstrated how we can add more value into models and diagrams and how that … Continue reading

Deep dive event at the Microsoft north Carolina office

*Moved to: I Just got back from my holiday in Tuscany Italy, and am already on the road again. We had a great opportunity to visit the Microsoft Team System development team in Raleigh NC.  The team over there … Continue reading

How to assign a work item to a group and actually have it show a list of values

*Moved to: Today I was asked one of the most asked questions related to work item tracking: “Can you can assign a work item to a group in stead of a person”? My standard answer to this question is … Continue reading