1. I know you’re the expert, but today I’ve learned an important lesson that I would like to share with you and the rest of the WF-community:

    When writing unittests for your own workflow solutions, make sure you configure your workflow runtime to use the ManualSchedulerService!!!

    I didn’t configure a scheduler in my unittests, which makes the workflow runtime use the default scheduler. My tests worked fine, but the deployed application that uses my custom WF-activities did not. After spending several hours to find the problem, I realized that my deployment environment used the ManualSchedulerService (my workflows are hosted by a WCF-service which is hosted by IIS). When I used the manual scheduler in my unittests, they broke as well, which made it possible to reproduce the problem and quickly find and solve it.


  2. Great to see that this need is being addressed. I don’t quite understand why Microsoft released web service activities but not activities for WCF… Anyway a big thumbs up to you for tackling it.

    One thing that would also be useful on the input activity would be if it also implemented IEventActivity, so it can be neatly incorporated into state machine workflows too…

    Phil Degenhardt

  3. That is a very good point. I will add it to the todo list and hope to fix this the comming week. I also found some other issues already that need to be addressed. I have been working on it for some nights now, so expect to see an update soon.
    Thank you for this feedback!


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