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  1. You could also try using a message mutator to change the incoming message to one that has a combined property – that way the publisher of the event doesn’t need to be changed either.

    Udi Dahan Reply

    • Are you suggesting to use the message mutator to actually change the type of the message?

      This would mean creating an additional message and mutator for my saga. If I were to go through that amount of work, wouldn’t it be easier to just implement a saga finder?

      Mark Taling Reply

  2. No source code available? I’d need this, but apparently this only supports RavenDB persistence, and I’m stuck with SQL Server.

    Panu Peuramäki Reply

    • I never bothered to post the source code since all NServiceBus-relevant bits were included in the post.
      If you do require the source of the .Net parts, I’d be happy to send them to you. I have to prepare a demo on them for NSBCon anyway…

      Mark Taling Reply

    • Did you get this working on an sql-implementation?

      Julian May Reply

      • Hi Julian,

        I only ever implemented it on a RavenDB-Persistance. If using NHibernate-Peristance (which is an assumption on my side, since you mention SQL) you would need to wrap and implement the specific NHibernatePersister.
        I did not try it, but if I remember that model correctly, you will need to add an additional table to store your own keys in, to make sure you don’t ruin any of the original data for the rest of your service.

        Mark Taling Reply