1. I don’t know if you are using the WSE framework for development but SoapInput/Output filters are much prettier and can also be used on WSE soapservices. I think that SoapExtensions can only be used on .net webservices.

    Ramon Smits

  2. Thanks for your response 🙂

    We have the explicit restriction not to use WSE yet. This is because we want to transition to WCF as soon as possible. Therefore we restricted the project not to introduce any more API’s then the default .NET Framework. When we transition to WCF, we will be fixing these kinds of infrastructural things with out of the box WCF functionality. B.T.W. the Soap Extension can only be used on the .NET platform, because these are defined as extensibility mechanism of asmx web services. The fact that we add the custom SOAP header does not mean we would not be interoperable, since the SOAP headers are defined well in terms of interop. The fact if I used WSE, SOAP extension of any other means, would not interfere with this interoperability, because we adhere to the SOAP standards as defined. WSE itself uses SOAP extensions to implement the WS-* protocols. So using WSE here would not have solved my problem differently then I described here I think.

    marcel de Vries

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