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  1. I remember an add-on on the asp.net site that rendèd some controls with better styleable html. Are those using the same technique?

    Frank de Groot - Schouten Reply

  2. Yup, there is an add-on for ASP.NET called CSS-friendly control adapters. That add-on provides prettier html too.

    It uses the exact same technique as I demonstrated in this post.

    willemm Reply

  3. No your right Microsoft should put more effort in to their HTML ouput. They are getting better for the web, but don’t get me started on Outlook email HTML :-).

    Peterborough Website Designer Reply

  4. I liked this one as a programmer

    beycon web yaz?l?m Reply

  5. Does this work with .net 4?

    Vestan Reply

  6. Yes this works for ASP.NET 4 too.

    willemm Reply