1. Hi Raimond,

    I have read a numerous amount of articles on migrating from VS 2003 to VS 2005 and differences between Web Site Project Model and Web Application Project Model.

    Much of the material states that it is a problem to reference user controls and web pages from stand alone classes in Web Site Project Model.

    But on your blog you suggest that there is a migration wizard available that deals with this problem and it is being tested.

    Would you please comment on the progress of this wizard being tested and whether it can actually safely solve this problem?

    Many thanks,



  2. Well actually this wizard is the upgrade wizard you get in Visual Studio Team System. In the betas this wizard was’nt al that smart yet, but the problems you mention should (at least for the most part) be fixed in the final version.

    I also have succesfully converted some sites that earlier had ‘issues’ using this wizard. You won’t get the best solutions though, a ‘base-class trick’ is used to get the sites working.

    Might you have serious problems, I’m interested to know what code won’t get upgraded successfully. Also if this is the case you can give the feedback to Microsoft by using connect.microsoft.com

    Raimond Brookman

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