Martin Kanters



I work for Info Support as a senior Software Engineer. Most of the clients I work for are in the financial sector. As developer I am currently most proficient in coding Java backend applications, usually based on Spring (Boot). As an OPS engineer I am responsible for CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and maintaining the applications on production. Most applications I am currently working on are microservices, deployed in Kubernetes clusters. At Info Support I am often giving technical presentations and workshops. As Java community lead I get a lot of energy from building the community, and making the community visible outside of the company. As a mentor I am enthusiastic about sharing knowledge to others. I am also contributing on Apache Maven, both in time of Info Support, as well as in my own time. I really enjoy improving a tool used by millions of engineers around the world. Outside of work, I can often be found playing the piano, either in my home or at jam sessions.


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