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  1. This finally gave me the edge in the bloggo-count… 🙂 I had enormous fun reading your blog, be sure to update us all on the new url! Good luck on your new job, and don’t be a stranger!

    Wouter van Vugt Reply

  2. I, and I’m sure all your readers hope your mother’s recovery is swift and better than you could expect!

    Best of luck with the new company. For the most part, I’ve been very happy with WordPress running on Yahoo’s small business hosting platform. They have brought my site down about an average of 4 hrs per month, which isn’t great, but otherwise have been fine. If you go with them, and need support their # is 1-866-800-8092 for Yahoo! support. Took me a couple hours to find the number via google.

    Also, check out wordpress.org – they have a "reccommended hosts" page that lists several other alternatives to yahoo.


    Scott Sehlhorst Reply