1. Hey there,

    Cool addon. But it’s awfully slow! 🙂
    Perhaps caching the images locally is an option?!

    Also more options for settings size would be nice. Currently the image is full size initially. Resizing it means downloading it again via the webservice, as it seems.

    Having it link to the (gallery) details of the picture instead of the original would be a nice option.

    Great work though, keep it up!

    Dennis van der Stelt

  2. Unfortunately the speed is not something I can easily change. I am fully dependent on the Gallery service from CS which is a horrible API. The best way to cope is to have many albums with not too many pictures. The idea is that the posts link to the image on the CS server so the download is being handled by WindowsLiveWriter…
    There is no way of retreiving just the picture detail I always get the entire image data… However, I might be wrong so I invite you to dowload the code and take a look!


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