1. Simply awesome! Thanks.

    Mikael Freidlitz

  2. Not so good. Could have contained alot more of; {how to do each of these steps.} Example: “Setup the pop3 component, make sure it is integrated with your active directory” – real nice you know how to “make sure” while some of us don’t.


  3. Keywa,

    If I did explain every single thing you need to install, this blogpost would have gone on forever.

    The purpose of this post is to show you how to install MOSS. If you do not know how to configure Windows, you should google for it. I gave you a pretty good lead saying ‘setup the pop3 component, make sure it is integrated with AD’…if you google on ‘pop3 active directory’ you almost immediately get a link to a technet page telling you what to do.

    Please remember people with blogs put a lot of effort in putting information online and share it with the world. You are still getting this for free….

    So, do you really think you will spend more time following my guide and searching for the parts you do not understand then it took me to compile this list and to put them on my blog?


  4. This is Really helpful
    I have not found much information on the whole setting up a team site – and or portal and when to use which and for what

    do you ahve any info on that – or can you direct me to a source?


  5. hi paisleygo,

    It’s up to you how to set up your portal. Sometimes this means you need to create only two websites…sometimes it’s hundreds of them! It really depends on the business you are in and the reasons why they want a portal solution.

    By following this installation script you end up with a working platform from which you can start creating your portal solution.

    But, as in almost all IT-related projects, planning and designing before implementing is crucial!


  6. Thanks a lot dude!!! Just wish I had found this one week ago, and not at 4am with my MOSS presentation just 4h ahead…. 😉

    Anyway great reference. I’ll save for the next one.


  7. Good luck at your presentation, GB! 🙂


  8. Wonderful content! Exactly what I needed to tell my boss, who wants a report on ability to setup Sharepoint portal in 30 days for a 150 users and 500 GB document storage

    Suresh Palakurthi

  9. I was wondering if it’s possible to locate and/or share the Contoso content DBs. Also, I know there’s a tutorial & guide for setting up and using AdventureworksDW.mdf (The sample datawarehouse for SQL 2005) as a BDC. If you know of the link can you post that aws well!?

    Much appreciated and thank you !

    Fahim Kanji

  10. Fahim,

    The adventureworksDW BDC sample is located in the Office SharePoint Server SDK. (In the samples section)

    For the Contoso content db’s, you should contact Microsoft.

    Kind regards,


  11. Hi Bart,
    Very useful article, Thanks for this.
    Shady Khorshed – MCMS MVP

    Shady khorshed

  12. Bart,
    Very nice of you to take the time to put this all together. Very useful for a lot of people. Great work!!!



  13. Its really a wonderful blog


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