1. Hi,

    I’ve tried clicking on the “following location” link to find out more information on how “Developing .NET 1.0 and 1.1 applications using visual studio 2005!” can be done – but was unable to find the article. Can you please point me into the right direction in order to find out a way of developing previous .Net application using VS2005?




  2. Felicia,

    I updated the link, so now it points to the site I wanted to refer to again.

    You also can take a look at codeplex, where you can find the MSBEE toolkit (http://www.codeplex.com/MSBee) . This also allows you to compile 2005 projects in .NET 1.1

    be aware that there is in some cases a catch 22. When you want e.g. to develop .NET 1.1 Windows applications, you need to convert the project to 2005 format. This will make the application use partial classes and those are not supported in 1.1 🙁  So it will work for most of your stuff but not in all cases.

    Hope this helps you on your way,




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