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  1. The GUID for SP1 (slipstream) should always be E7600A9C-6782-4221-984E-AB89C780DC2D

    Jonathan Reply

  2. thanks for the article, very helpful!

    Sergey Reply

  3. Hi, I was once unsuccesful using either of the options above at customer site and the only solution was to run the MSIZAP TW ({25097770-2B1F-49F6-AB9D-1C708B96262A} command and after that install/uninstall the agent once again to have the agent completely removed from the system.

    Richard Reply

  4. Another approach is to launch the Control Panel “Programs and Features” as Administrator. On my Windows Server 2008 x64 SP2 server I right-clicked the “Command Prompt” in Start and selected “Run as Administrator”, typed “appwiz.cpl” which launches “Programs and Features” then made the necessary changes.

    Thanks for the pointer on UAC causing the problem.

    aenagy Reply