1. Can you use it en eclipse europa or it is only in version 3.2?
    Can it be installed using the update manager? It would be great if you post the url to use with the manager, It is difficult to find something in the eclipse site.


  2. The screen shots were made on Europa, so yes, it works. 🙂 The update site is over here: http://eclipse.org/eclipse/platform-core/updates


  3. Really a lot of lots of gotchas. What about configuration? This would be the first step towards an useful tool.


  4. Has anyone got Core Tools working on Ganymede? The new software updates installer doesn’t seem to like the update site. I can see the site in my list, however selecting it doesn’t enable to ‘Install…’ button.


  5. There is a eclipse plugin, which finds unused dead java code. It also suggests to make code protected, private or final and it finds cyclic dependencies between classes.
    Try this: UCDetector


  6. Here is the correct URL for UCDetector: http://www.ucdetector.org


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