2. THanks for the tip! …now we’re one step closer to the gui on those computers used in the Tom Cruse movie, Minority Report. 🙂


  3. Thanks NOW VISTA IS ACTUALLY WORTH CRACKING(not tht i’m gonna crack it, not worth the risk of getting cought!)

    Gangsta G33k L33t

  4. OMG! didnt work for me 🙁


  5. I still cant get it to work i have home premium and ive looked all over on the site and i still cant figure out why it wont do it on any of my 3 vista computers.

    Inthe distance

  6. Maybe you have a Window Vista “Capable” or Windows Vista “Basic” computer, which does not have a video card that supports the Aero desktop and this functionality?


  7. yes, perhaps, but on my system, the Aero desktop is functioning perfectly, but still no 3D Task-switching…
    any help?


  8. Searched in vain for Flip 3D and how to access it. Microsoft web pages give an explaination but do not indicate what combination of keys. You advice was spot on. Thanks


  9. i press the Windows key with the tab key, and nothing happens. Im on vista homw premium on my laptop, so i think i have aeroglass;
    whats going on!?


  10. If you can’t get this to work, it’s probably because Aero Glass was automatically disabled by windows (it tests your computers performance when it installs and if you have a slow PC, it will disable it).


  11. Did anyone actually have visual problems with the Vista Flip 3D ? Any visual noises or delays ? How does it feel ?

    I’m about to buy a notebook and thinking which way to go: XP or Vista. Since I beleive Flip 3D is the core of Vista UI, I would like to here about experiences.

    Thank you.


  12. Another reason why Glass might not be working:
    – You have multiple monitors attached (not sure if this is true in all cases, but when I extend my desktop to an extra monitor Vista switches back to basic mode)
    – You have an old java stack installed, when starting a java program, vista will go basic to basic mode. With the latest Java stack, this is no longer a problem.

    As for performance; no problems, and I only have a 2,7 Desktop Graphics score on my laptop…


  13. I never knew this one! I thought either my video card did not support it, or it was no longer avail, thanks!


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