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  1. Hello Leon,

    Thank you for writing up the article. I am struggling with a deployment script. It is not an error but logic related. So, I wrapped up my deployment script with the Deploy | Out-String | Write-Verbose piping, but I am still not getting logs written and there are no errors (the files are being deployed except what I am attempting to troubleshoot).

    Is there a pre-requisite that is needed to enable logging?

    Tracy Howard Reply

    • Logging doesn’t need to be enabled, it should work out-of-the-box. However, I’ve noticed that there are a couple of cmdlets (such as Start-WebAppPool) that appear to break the logging functionalty – once you invoke them, no logging is sent back to MSRM. I would recommend trying to deploy a dummy component that writes a “Hello world” log message, and if that works, gradually add more Powershell logic to it.

      Léon Bouquiet Reply

  2. Does this work with Agent based release templates if I use custom PowerShell script inside components?

    Venkatesh Kadiri Reply

    • I’m not sure, this post is aimed at the vNext model, not the agent-based model. Most likely the behaviour is slightly different.

      Léon Bouquiet Reply

  3. Do you have any solution for “Start-WebAppPool” Issue?

    sreekanth Reply

    • Not a solution, only a workaround: use IIS’ appcmd rather than the WebAdministration cmdlets, like so:
      $iisDir = “C:WindowsSystem32inetsrv”;
      & “$iisDirappcmd” stop apppool /apppool.name:MyAppPool

      & “$iisDirappcmd” start apppool /apppool.name:MyAppPool

      The TFS2015 Release Management doesn’t have this problem, by the way.

      Léon Bouquiet Reply