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  1. Thanks for these articles, there’s indeed not so much information about EAV on the internet. On the other hand you’re in the high in the Google list ;-).

    I was wondering, isn’t ValidTo redundant? If they don’t align with the next ValidFrom you get gaps.

    Frank de Groot - Schouten Reply

  2. Hello Frank, I hope these articles are useful to you.
    First of all, if you use the technique I’ve described above you won’t get gaps because the ValidTo will align with the next ValidFrom 100% of the time.

    Knowing this, you could do without ValidTo in most timelines except the last.
    Because the last timeline won’t have a ‘next ValidFrom’, you can’t tell when the last timeline will ‘end’.
    For this reason I have included a ValidTo column in every record.

    marks Reply

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