1. At least I had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing this this week. with the next bu8ild we should do this over again…


  2. “Progress was never created by ordinary people”… It’s too long to fit on a slim fit T-shirt, so I leave it here. Hey, and I liked the lines about the sheep coming home… I’ll buy you that Budweiser in Germany, although Americans prefer drafts ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks shephard, have a good weekend and keep us posted on the progress you make! Marcel

    Marcel Kardol

  3. Hey
    My name is Adi Gilad, owner of Webox Ltd. – one of the few and major companies that provides hosted exchange and sharepoint services in israel.
    1st lets me just say that it seems that what you’re doing now will probably be what im going to live from, as we are going to use this as the platform for our hosted exchange, sharepoint and other services on the 2007 versions..

    may I ask how soon can we expect a public beta release?
    and if i’m already being rude ๐Ÿ™‚ , then when is the final version supposed to be published?

    this blog is definetly going into my favorites….

    Adi (adi@webox.co.il)

    Adi Gilad

  4. We’re planning on releasing HMC 4.0 by mid-April.

    chris vandenberg

  5. Hi,

    I am new to the HMC world. Please where can I find the minimum number of servers needed for HMC 4.0?

    I am also open to consider VMware to host 3 or 4 servers..if vmware supported by MSFT under HMC?
    or must I use MSFT Virtual Server? I read the HMC 3.5 documentation and it lists 37 servers for the infraestructure (about 7 optional server) is this 37 a must in HMC 3.5?

    I assume my clients are going to be from 30 to 500 mailboxes. I prefer not to use exchange cluster.

    How much does it cost to buy HMC4? am I going to get the Outlook2007 CD free for all the users? is it a CD or a link to download? is it professional or home version?

    Under HMC Can I set XOsoft replication for the exchange server box?

    thanks in advance,


    Eric Romero

  6. Hi,

    We are planning to implement HMC 4.0…had quick question….

    Hosted Messaging Environments is the Billing included/integrated(any API’s available) with the provisioning system…

    Any pointers on this are appreciated…


    Ramkaran Rudravaram

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