1. Actually, renameweb operation changes the web name, not directly the URL. Although, when the web name is modified the URL changes too.

    But you can't completely change the URL using this operation, so you can't move the web this way. For example, it is not possible to move http://localhost/Site/SubSite to http://localhost/SubSite. "http://localhost/Site" can't be change. So, the best you can't do using renameweb operation is changing the url http://localhost/Site/SubSite by Gribouillon

  2. yep, true. I did a test based on your remark and you actually CANNOT change the parentweb with the renameweb function.

    and it really is ‘newname’ 🙂

    excuse me 😉


  3. One question: how can the name in the navigation-bar be changed ?
    URL and title changes … but not in the navigation !?! 🙁


  4. the location of the navigation should change…changing the title is just as easy as going to the ‘top link bar’ menu at site settings and change the description.


  5. No – these seems not to work for teamsites and blank sites …
    … at least on my four different WSS3.0-installations ?! 🙁

    Please try it out …


  6. Here, just use the content migration in the SDK



  7. Aria,

    Nice! Good tip!

    However, if I ´just want to move some site´ and need to write a tool for it I probably won´t…. That said, I think I´m going to build one right now 😉


  8. Is there other way to move a subsite to different site.

    http://test1.mysite.com/subsite1 and http://test2.mysite.com

    subsite1 move to other url



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