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  1. Very true, one needs to be aware of what the needs and pains of the current situation are. I often tell people that IF you are experiencing pain (growth, accountability, flexibility, extensibility, real-time), then you should normalize – and if you normalize – you might want to consider the Data Vault.

    But what’s happening? The Database vendors in the NOSQL arena are making HUGE strides, in fact – in-memory databases, column based databases, textual indexed databases, and others are beginning to make “physical data modeling” obsolete. (I posted a blog entry on this not too long ago).

    Logical modeling will be all that is left within the next 5 years or sooner. I think we will see a huge rise in all kinds of logical modeling tools that will spur competition in this arena… This is where the real knowledge will happen.

    Great post, it certainly does depend on the pain you have, and the requirements you have.

    Dan Linstedt

    Dan Linstedt Reply