1. good 2 see, you kept awake ;o)


  2. Hi Bert, free Wi-Fi is indeed a must. Think about the fee for the conference which is 300 € for one week.

    If you add to this base price the cost for 1 week Wi-Fi connection (=50€), then you are still well under the price of any 5-days conference around.

    Would you prefer us to increase the price of the conference of 50€ and have free Wi-Fi?


    Robin Mulkers

  3. Hi Robin,

    I don’t argue the JavaPolis entrance fee….I think it’s great to have a low priced high quality conference. Although if you want to talk money, I think that if you guys make a deal with a local wi-fi provider it should be possible to keep the fee much lower than 50 euros for a week. I don’t think anybody has a problem with paying 25 euros extra and have free wifi access.

    But let me make clear that I don’t want to blame the JavaPolis team for not having free wifi. The problem in Europe in general is that we like to charge for everything. This is funny compared to the US, where you have free wireless at every Starbucks…


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