1. This is the key you need to implement in the web.config for the ReportViewer to load your implemented class.


  2. comaunite

  3. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.reporting.webforms.ireportviewermessages2.aspx

    there you can find the key needed in the web.config in order for ReportViewer to load your class. (Sorry for comment spam, appearantly website removes the tags (or tries to work those for that matter))


    • Thanks, it seems you are not the only one struggling with the tags: The snippet is actually at the end of the blog after the line “Add the following line to your appSettings and substitute MyClass and MyAssembly with the name of your implementing class and the assembly it resides in.”, but it seems it has been omitted when I published the blog. I will see if I can restore the snippet. Thanks again for noticing 🙂

      Martin Devillers

  4. Is this for VS2005 because I use 2008 and I get a few more strings.

    Staffan Vilcans

    • Which extra strings are you seeing? Did you implement IReportViewerMessages, IReportViewerMessages2, and IReportViewerMessages3?

      Martin Devillers

  5. Hi Martin,
    I have a differetn question on Reportviewer. I want to display HTMl inside the reportviewer.I noticed that the content does not render all HTMl tags. Is there any work around for that or there is no possibilty for that
    I have a field which holds HTML content i.e HTML tags so i need that to display inside a reportviewer..Let me know if there is any possibility


  6. Thanks a lot, great job. I spend the whole day googling how to change default validation messages and found only answers “can’t be done”. And here it is! (In fact I missed this 2 additional interfaces 🙂 )



  7. This works fine but when there is a dropdown in the report and when I select a new value from the dropdown and click on the ‘View Report’ button, the controls are defaulted to English. Please help me in resolving this.


  8. Thanks a lot. Is there a way to localize the alert
    “The value provided for the report parameter … is not valid for its type.(rsReportParameterTypeMismatch)” ?


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