1. Hello, I am having the same problem, but the names are identical, as I can
    Can you pass me the project to take a look?

    Thank you


  2. Also check that data types in the database match those in your code. If not, you will also receive this error.

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  3. this saves me a day – thanks!


  4. this saves me day – many thanks!


  5. Hi. I was having the same problems and the names were totally identical. But yet, I decided to copy paste the names from the .cs class to the entity in the edmi file and viola.. it worked.. Just thought Id share my experiences….


  6. Thank you so much!


  7. if thats the case then the generated POCO should not be working as well when you add a new property in it manually ? but it is still working. issue is somewhere else.


  8. man, I was looking to a this exception for at least a day, and your post was the 20th I’ve read saying I should see if the names were the same in the database and in the class…. the properties were, the name of the class wasn’t… thank you!


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