1. Out of curiosity, was there a doc somewhere that specifically listed Beta3 as not supported to RC/RTM for upgrade? It *should* be just as supported AFAICT – there weren’t schema changes between the two IIRC.

    James Manning

  2. James,

    I got the information that the upgrade would only be from B3R to RC and RTM from the lecture we got at the devlab last august and this was confirmed to me by reading the following post at team foundation blogs (http://blogs.msdn.com/team_foundation/archive/2005/11/15/493188.aspx) HEre it states that the following upgrade paths are supported:

    B3 to B3R Yes (reinstall)

    B3R to RC Yes

    B3R to RTM Yes

    RC RTM Yes (should be a reinstall)

    B2 to any No (blocked)

    CTP to any No (blocked)

    This made me asume that B3 to RC or RTM is not supported.



    marcel de Vries

  3. I’ve talked with Allen, and it looks like it’s a bandwidth issue on our side – we don’t have the resources to also test B3 to RC, so while it may (and really, should) work fine, it’s not in our "supported" list unfortunately.

    The one caveat I should include is CMMI – the B3 CMMI was pretty broken, so if you happen to be using that methodology, you should definitely get to B3R first before upgrade 🙂

    B3R is an easier path for us to test since we had moved to the final bits for Whidbey and Yukon as well.

    James Manning

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