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  1. Hi Jonathan,

    You are not alone …. I too have the same issue with the serialization of entities with nullable fields. It’s clearly a bug in the product.

    The problem has been raised with Microsoft but I am yet to get any real feedback from them. I’ll let you know if I discover a workaround.

    Richard Reply

  2. Jonathan,

    We have been facing the same problem. This is proving to be the show stopper for us. To add one more thing, in my case, the application works fine in the development environment (Visual Studio using its own Webserver). But when we deploy it to IIS, we get the same issue as you have mentioned. Please let me know if you have found a solution or workaround for this problem. I shall be very thankful to you.

    Send me an email on “mohammad.usman@gmail.com”


    Usman Reply

  3. Hi Johnathan, (and others!)

    I have been tracking down what looks to be the exact same bug. W2003R2 server, WCF services, hosted in IIS 6. App pools are crashing out, and when I attached a debugger, an uncatchable exception (System.ExecutionEngineException) is being thrown (intermittently) on calls to DataContractSerializer.WriteObject().

    I have read on one post that installing .Net 3.5 might provide a work-around. I will also probably log a request with Microsoft Product Support just to get to the bottom of all of this (as installing 3.5 in the live environment might not be an option).


    Carl Cook Reply