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  1. Dude you make my day.

    The option with the language pack was my fault. 🙂

    Mike Beantwoorden

  2. Brother,

    I just wanna say, thank you!

    Renato Cunha Beantwoorden

  3. Thanks heaps for the language pack explanation.

    Just a note the OEM version of Windows Server 2012 R2 for Australia comes with Korean language pack installed by default. Thanks Microsoft 😉

    Kevin Miller Beantwoorden

  4. Thank you very much man…. You make my day

    The option with the language pack was my fault.

    Removed the dutch language pack and after that then the installation went oke.

    Thank you very much…

    Mohamed Beantwoorden

  5. Oooo ..B.C. .. aisa bhi hota hai…
    6 Languages were installed…
    Uninstalled them, issue resolved…
    You have simply made my day as well…
    Thanks a ton Bro…

    Sujeet Kumar Beantwoorden

  6. thank u, the powershell command worked for me

    Michiel Kloosterman Beantwoorden