1. Yeah, it was great to meet you :). And now I have your RSS feed, so I can stay up to date on what you’re doing as well :P.

    If you want to stay up to date on me, you should check out my new personal website: http://www.managed-world.com As of late, I’ve stopped posting to GeeksWithBlogs and am going exclusively to my personal blog for now (most of the time).

    Jason Olson

  2. I was also going to say, Amsterdam is gorgeous. It’s great to see the history and culture that is here. Not to mention that the weather is in my comfort zone :P.

    Perhaps later in life I’ll just move to Europe :). If not, I definitely have to bring my wife and soon-to-be-kid over here on vacation.

    Jason Olson

  3. @Jason: I had found your personal site and am really looking forward to your XNA adventures!
    🙂 and if ever Microsoft decided to let me play with XNA for a living I’d move to Redmond!


  4. Well, keep an eye on the XNA jobs on the Microsoft Careers site then :). I know that I wouldn’t complain being able to hang out with you in person :P.

    Jason Olson

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