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  1. 1. Created a new SSP,
    2. Associated the web apps to SSP


    1. Publish infopath to a Network location.
    2. Go to the Central Administration -> “Application Management” -> “Infopath Forms Services” ->”Manage Form Templates”
    3. Upload template from the network share where we published
    4. Activate to the site.
    5. Go to the site & add it.

    Avi Reply

  2. InfoJet Service, a product like InfoPath Form Services.

    David Reply

  3. I am still getting that invalid URL error when trying to publish my forms. I am using WSS3 and NOT Infopath services just infopath. The weird thing is I can publish to any site but the root site. Any ideas?


    Luke Adams Reply

  4. Luke Adams, did you ever find an answer to this problem, I am currently having the same problem as you, can not publish to any root site.

    BRADYJ1 Reply

  5. WooHoo! This worked like a charm!!!! Would never had thought about this. I could publish to any other MOSS farm except for the local one on my virtual.

    Tuff Reply

  6. One other solution for “The following URL is not valid” error message that’s known and worked for me is that you need to have a root site under your SharePoint Web Application.

    You need at least one site that’s created directly under “/” instead of “/sites/”.

    Stefan Lankester Reply