1. Thank you so much for this article. We could not have gotten our TFS Git + Gradle + JUnit project together without all of this wonderful documentation. If possible, could you link your XAML file for the build process? It would make the steps for creating nodes a little clearer if people could see an example of what parameters were being used during the invoke.

    Mike de la Fuente

    • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly I can not link to the XAML since it also contains customer specific activities and implementation.

      Martijn Beenes

  2. I am currently working on a Java project in eclipse using Maven and TFS for the build When I run the build there are no test results, and I was wondering if you have any advice in getting the same build results you did when trying to report and link JUnit reports/results.

    Jorge Tprres

    • The TFS build will not execute your JUnit tests. You need to execute those from your Maven process. Using the activities I mentioned, you are then able to import the test results generated by JUnit into Team Foundation Server.

      Martijn Beenes

  3. Perhaps you have some idea why I get an error when attempting to create TFSBuild.proj from Ant build.xml in Team Explorer Everywhere? Details on MSDN forum:


    • I haven’t seen this problem before. However, I did notice that the version of the Team Explorer Everywhere seems to tie in with Team Foundation Server more strongly then the Team Explorer does. Perhaps your problem can be resolved by using a newer (or maybe older, depending on the version of your TFS) version of the Team Explorere everywhere.

      Martijn Beenes

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