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  1. Thanks for this great blog post. I’m in a very similiar spot (multi-targeting for .NET Standard and net451) and your analysis has already saved me a lot of time!

    Best regards, Michael

    Michael Reply

    • Thanks! Glad I could help out. Good to see these blog posts are useful for people out there :).

      Jonathan Mezach Reply

  2. Jonathan, Nice article, I had been trying to figure out the mutli-targeting the VS17 for a few days and this got me along. I have noticed that at least in the RC the net462 does seem to do something, however on build it wants references to the .NetFramework 4.0, which I think can be done using conditional references. But I wanted to share this with you on the creation of the package; it still needs to happen from the command line, however you can use :
    msbuild /t:pack

    Michael Cummings Reply

  3. Thank you Jonathan, this is a very well written article. I’m writing a small library that I would like to target both .net core and .net framework (using Visual Studio 2015). I currently reference “netcoreapp1.1” and “net462” as target frameworks. I understand what I am doing to be like writing against a concrete class versus an interface. Is targeting netstandardxx a better approach or am I mixing concepts?

    Sam Wheat Reply

    • Libraries should target a version of .NET Standard, allowing you to use that library across all platforms that support that version. Only applications (the things you actually run and deploy to production) should target netcoreapp (hence the app portion in that name). So yes, I believe targeting .NET Standard is the better approach.

      Jonathan Mezach Reply

  4. Great article, it’s nice to read more about .NET Standard and your example adds nice clarity to a new concept I’m still trying to understand better.

    Andy Mehalick Reply

    • Thanks! I had some trouble wrapping my head around .NET Standard at first as well, but once you dig into it it really starts to make sense.

      Jonathan Mezach Reply

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