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  1. Willem,

    Does this behaviour also occurs with the same project on another development box?

    bartg Reply

  2. It works a bit better on my notebook, although it’s slow over there too. But that might be because I only have 512MB there.

    willemm Reply

  3. Willem,

    To me, it sounds like a installation-specific problem you are experiencing. Maybe if you put up a ‘step-by-step’ reproduction scheme I might be able to try it at my workstation at work.

    bartg Reply

  4. The reproduction scheme I used looks like this:

    – Create a new ASP.NET Web Application Project
    – Create a masterpage
    – Create a page based on the masterpage
    – Add a gridview to the page and configure it to an object datasource (I used a test database and a dataset to get the data)

    Now to get the “desired” result I switched from source view to design view.
    This should cause VS2005 to get slow, it’s recognizable by texts like “Create GridView1 control” in the statusbar.

    I tried it on Visual Studio Orcas too and it works there, so that’s a good thing. However I did get another error there that’s definitly a bug, I already notified microsoft of that problem.

    willemm Reply

  5. I have noticed this behavior when using ‘drag ‘n’ drop’ to add a data control to a page that has a ‘live’ designer connection to the database to infer the schema.

    It might be that this is slowing things down…

    ernow Reply