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  2. what if X and Y are the same?

    eric Beantwoorden

  3. got it, the parameter default values need to be from a different data set then the query itself

    eric Beantwoorden

  4. My query is:
    SELECT HumanResources.vEmployee.LastName, HumanResources.vEmployee.JobTitle, HumanResources.vEmployee.CountryRegionName,
    FROM HumanResources.Employee INNER JOIN
    HumanResources.vEmployee ON HumanResources.Employee.EmployeeID = HumanResources.vEmployee.EmployeeID
    WHERE (HumanResources.vEmployee.JobTitle IN (@JobTitles))

    Basically I want to see a dropdown box with the list of JobTitles so I can filter based on the selected values. So what i did was, in “Report Parameters” I checked “Multi-value” and under Available Values I chose JobTitle…. but I am still having the same error,,,, does anyone know what i have to do?

    iggydarsa at gmail dot com Beantwoorden

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    Simple + concise answer …

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  7. I have the same problem of iggydarsa someone can ahelp me?

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  8. Thank you very much. You just saved me a lot of time and effort! 🙂

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  16. This didn’t help at all.
    I have the second parameter based on a query of data – completely different from the first parameter which is based on non-query values. Is there any other solution?

    Keith H. Beantwoorden

  17. Thanks, very helpful.

    Joaquin Beantwoorden

  18. Hi,
    If you same problem error. you can use the another data set (Ex:field name: accountname, accountid)
    assign the values to the first data set parameter which you created inside the parameter.

    Open the parameter tab go for text datatype — choose the multiple allow option.keep as visible button and click for available option .. inside the available option select the get the values from a query — select Dataset2
    Value field: accountname,label feild:accountname..ok.

    you get the parameter as all the account names …

    Gengiti.Sainathyadav Beantwoorden

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