Google Analytics for Power BI

Power BI users can connect to Google Analytics and import relevant statistics about their websites. The imported statistics can be cleansed and embedded in user friendly reports and dashboards. The Power BI users are empowered each time Microsoft adds a new connector … Continue reading

Test-driving AzureML: Machine Learning in the Cloud

On June 16th, Microsoft announced their cloud-based Machine Learning solution AzureML as “a fully-managed cloud service for building predictive analytics solutions”. Last Friday, just before the Worldwide Partner Conference, AzureML went into public beta. Which means it showed up at my … Continue reading

Power BI for Office 365

In this blog I’ve already written about Data Explorer and GeoFlow. During the courses I provided, I predicted that Microsoft was creating a full-fledged self-service Business Intelligence platform with the following components Power Pivot for self-service analysis Power View for self-service … Continue reading