The how and why behind TF203015: <file> has an incompatible change, while unshelving a shelve set

*Moved to: Today one of our developers wanted to unshelve a shelve set he created earlier that morning and got the error message TF203015. I must say I also was quite confused about what an “incompatible change” would be … Continue reading

How to make VSTS DBPro work with the default database collation

*Moved to: today, I had a few hours of frustration, getting all databases in our project use the same collation. What I wanted to achieve is that we would use the default collation of Latin1_General_CI_AS but not script that … Continue reading

Deep dive event at the Microsoft north Carolina office

*Moved to: I Just got back from my holiday in Tuscany Italy, and am already on the road again. We had a great opportunity to visit the Microsoft Team System development team in Raleigh NC.  The team over there … Continue reading

How to make Layer Validation Diagrams work in the build

*Moved to: In Visual studio 2010 Team Architect edition, you have a new type of diagram available, called the layer diagram. What is great about this diagram is that you can use it to actually validate if the source … Continue reading

Devdays 2009

*Moved to: It has been a few days since we held developer days conference here in the Netherlands. I Must say I was quite pleased to see there where so many attendees especially with the current economic situation. Devdays … Continue reading