Dynamic Memory part three

To the left is an image of the device manager from a not upgraded Virtual machine, it shows an unknown device, to the right is an upgraded machine, and here it shows the Virtual Dynamic Memory Driver under system Devices. … Continue reading

SP1 Dynamic memory, More info

One of the fun things is that the dynamic memory feature is enabled through  the integration components, enabling it not only for Server 2008, but also for Server 2003. another thing is that it is not the usages that is … Continue reading

Windows 7 Mobility center rocks

One of the features I really like about Windows Vista and Windows 7 is the Windows Mobility Center.I have been using it without looking very deep into it, but today while my students are doing a lab, I looked into … Continue reading

Old News about expiring computer accounts in demo/course environments.

I was talking to a colleague trainer of mine today and we were talking about course images and how they might become “out of sync” with the domain controller. ( basically what happens is: like a user, a computer has … Continue reading