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  1. OMG, Thank you! I’m using VSTS and searched everywhere for this information trying to figure out inclusions. Everything I tried was failing due to the second part starting with a wildcard.

    Amy Reply

    • Thanks for your response, it’s nice to know that this information was helpful to others 🙂

      Léon Bouquiet Reply

  2. This is some great info! But does things work the same way in the Test Assembily field of the Visual Studio Test (https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/build/steps/test/visual-studio-test)?

    Individually each of these work but when placed together with a semicolon I get the error: The given path’s format is not supported.
    $(build.sourcesDirectory)v7.25_Core**MySystems.Xmts.Testbin**MySystems.Xmts.Test.dll; $(build.sourcesDirectory)v7.25_Core**MySystems.Xmts.WinForms.Testbin**MySystems.Xmts.WinForms.Test.dll

    Any ideas? Driving me nuts!


    Chris Lee Reply

    • Thanks; As far as I can tell your path expression should work. A couple of things you could try:
      – Try removing the space between ; and $, as Find-Files can be quite picky about these things.
      – Maybe $(build.sourcesDirectory) is the culprit, try substituting it with the actual path and see if that changes things.
      – Last resort: Have a look at the FindFilesCmdlet inside Microsoft.TeamFoundation.DistributedTask.Task.Common.dll with something like ILSpy, and figure out how it handles your input. I couldn’t find anything strange (but I only looked at it for a couple of minutes).

      –Edit, apparently this is a known issue, see Chris Lee’s comment below.

      Léon Bouquiet Reply

  3. The problem is a known issue and fixed in TFS 2015 Update 3.

    “VsTest task fails if full path of 2 DLLs are given separated by semicolon.”

    Chris Lee Reply

  4. I’m trying to ignore a certain sub path when building a .net core asp.net project. Using the above reference I arrived at: “Portal/API/**/*.csproj;-:Portal/API/Services/IdentityServer/**/*.csproj” but this does not work. If I just enter Portal/API/**/*.csproj it works and build everything, but as soon as I try to exclude a certain subpath with Portal/API/Services/IdentityServer/**/*.csproj vsts says no projects were found, so its basically removing everything. How do I include everything except what is in the identity server folder?

    JJ Reply

  5. Thanks!

    Sergei Meleshchuk Reply