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  1. Leon, great blogpost. Really helped us to setup the environment. We now have a green agent in the tfs admin section.

    But when we run the release pipeline the agent won’t start with the real work. Do you have experience with that as well?

    Pieter Versteijnen Reply

    • Seems to be that for some reason we get a server name without the full FQDN. When we add the name to the hosts file the problem is gone. So we now have to figure out where the name is returned without the FQDN. The agent is configured using FQDN names.

      Pieter Versteijnen Reply

      • Hi Pieter, glad to hear this article was of help to you, and good luck with the FQDN thing 😉

        Léon Bouquiet Reply

      • I suspect that the TFS Server’s Notification Uri is setup to be the server name and not its external DNS name. Change it from the TFS Admin Console.

        Jesse Houwing Reply

  2. Hi Leon,

    Very helpful post, and we will definitely follow this in our environment. However, 1 question prior to testing on our side:

    I see you are using “local” accounts within the target web servers. Must these accounts be local?In your example, would it work if we try the above process with a TestEnv domain user account with the same username and password as the account on the untrusted DevEnv domain?



    Ben Wong Reply