1. Nice to have Support for Java 5 & was 6.1 !!

    But I very much miss support for Java EE 5. RAD 7 is totally unaware of Java EE5!

    What is worse, the glassfish plugin that enables glassfish test environment does not work !! https://glassfishplugins.dev.java.net/download/
    It works under Eclipse 3.1 with WTP!!
    But refuse to work under RAD 7 . Have posted this on IBM developerworks

    Peter Nordlander

  2. After getting the plugin for glassfish from
    https://glassfishplugins.dev.java.net/ You can use glassfish


  3. Could you give more precisions about the Glassfish plugin installation under RAD 7.
    Tried several milestones, nut none of tem works!!
    So pls which milestone…
    Which RAD folder?
    Anything else has to be set up in RAD?
    Thx a lot


  4. You must be sure to add the plugin either through Help – Find and install etc
    to add the plugin to folder C:IBMSDP70plugins
    NOT C:IBMSDP70Sharedplugins


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